Wednesday, October 19, 2011

the love of DIY

Robert and I have a small entry table I bought when we first moved into our apartment.  It was cheap and small, perfect for what we needed at the time.  With fall finally here I made sure I had all my decor out, but our small little entry table wasn't so great anymore. It was full of scarecrows and pumpkins, and no room for keys and sunglasses anymore.  So at the request of my husband, it was time to get a key holder. I looked around at Target and Homegoods, but couldn't find anything in his budget or my style.

It was around this time I also joined Pinterest (worst decision I ever made-seriously ADDICTED) and I noticed a few I liked in the DIY craft section.  Finally, after the last straw I had with my cute little scarecrow falling off the table, I hopped in my car and headed to AC Moore. Thanks to it's a crafty life, I was able to create the cutest key holder that met both my style and his budget :) with my 50% coupon I only spent $6.00. Yes, you read that correctly SIX BUCKS!


  • Unfinished photo frame
  • Acrylic paint
  • Mug hooks
  • Also, a picture design. I made mine on with scrapbook paper as the background picture
  1. Paint your unfinished photo frame desired color. I have a hard time finding my favorite brown, it's a dark dark brown close to espresso. So I mixed chocolate brown and black to achieve my dark brown. 
  2. While your paint is drying, create and print out your picture. Choose what moves you!
  3. Once frame has dried, pre-drill 3 holes at the bottom of your frame for the hooks
  4. Screw hooks in the holes and place in picture
  5. hang up, duh
I wish I had taken step by step pictures, but I didn't plan on doing this blog. I just got bored from studying and decided to post ;)

and here it is

I plan on doing more DIY with the holidays coming up. Most of my Christmas gifts will be personal ones I've slaved over and made :) Post soon!

Happy Crafting,

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