Friday, April 26, 2013

basically it's Friday and I still dgaf


I'm just entirely  o v e r  everything right now.  Love me through it. 
or stay out of my way. 

I'm still backing it up for #backthatazzup Friday though, beliedat! 

This jam used to perk me right up. Still does its job.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

It's OK Thursday #4

Its Ok Thursdays
It's OK...
  • that I don't like Darius Rucker's version of Wagon Wheel
  • that I don't give a crap about any other problems going on in my life right now, other than my family
  • that Rutledge and Priscilla are helping me write this (they're going to the vet after this and they will hate me) 

  • that I'm going to instruct all my future post-op patients to use their Spirometer just like you use a Hookah 

  • that I am lacking total motivation to study for my last exam and my 3 finals
  • that I dread coming home most days
  • that once I get home, I nap on the couch every day with my babies

  • that I'm not going to let anything get in my way of achieving my ambitions anymore
  • that the highlight of my week was the Backstreet Boys getting their star on the Walk of Fame #proudfangirloverhere
  • that I think Nick Carter is looking extra sexual on this special day 
  • via
  • that I'm feeling six years old right now and I still think one day I'm going to marry that man...

Monday, April 22, 2013

I did a vlog.

and I look like an idiot. that's okay. Does anyone else wear a nice shirt and pajama pants when they vlog? haha! Whiit-naaay would be ashamed they're not yoga pants...


I'm also here to tell you what I want when I grow up...

-I want to make a difference in someone's life in my profession. Whether I stay a nurse, or go onto specialize in Neuro and become a DNP. I just want to save lives.
-I want my closet to resemble Lisa Vanderpump's
-I also want to keep shootin' em like the Pump

I want to roll around in a black Dodge Challenger and a white Range Rover

I want to be next door neighbors with Nick Carter and Lauren Kitt, since he decided to marry her and not me..I'm okay with it, cause I lurv her. 

I also want to keep doing vlogs reviewing products. hah.

That's all I've got right now. I've got to study!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Short Hair, Don't Care

Yesterday I had to do a presentation for school and I had to dress professional. So, I used this opportunity to model off my new hair in the rare event I dressed up.  However, the weather was not on my side. After my presentation, the clouds came out, the wind came out and my hair went nuts!

 So basically it started like this..

Am I too young to get tox in those frown lines?

And then came the wind full force, and Liz just kept snapping away and got some funny ones.

aren't we so profesh?

But anyways, basically my hair looks fabulous when the wind isn't affecting it. I mean, I tease it to Jesus. I love the layers and I love how much time it doesn't take me to do it. It's such a relief!

If you're in the Savannah area, my hair stylist is offering $10 off a hair cut by mentioning my blog! She is amaaazzzziiing!!!

It's Friday, so you know what time it is.

Have a good weekend!

Monday, April 15, 2013

I'm just going to apologize in advance

The next 3.5 weeks are going to be from satan, I'm certain. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, so for now I just got to keep on trucking. So I'm just going to apologize in advance if I'm a little MIA. My little summer break is almost here, and I can't freaking wait.

Just gotta keep. on. trucking. 


This past weekend, the hubbs and I headed to Athens, GA to celebrate our anniversary.  While in Athens, we saw Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Jake Owen, and Thomas Rhett play at Sanford Stadium.

Now, as Jake Owen said "The only thing me and Georgia fans have in common is we hate the Florida Gators!" and well then, I didn't feel like being so quite hostile against those little bullpuppy fans :)


It's on in September though, no worries. I'm coming guns hot with my sister and momma!
I will eventually add our pictures from this weekend of shenanigans, but time is of essence these days, you know.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I've been getting the itch to snippity snip snip my hair. and well, today I did. I cut off around 8 inches!

I also apologize in advance for all thsee GIFs. Adding GIFs makes me feel like I'm doing a post worth doing. Don't forget there's still more time to enter in the Monogram Earrings giveaway from New Orleans Beanie Co. 

Have a great week!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Monogrammed Earrings Giveaway

I've got another jewelry giveaway for you lovely ladies. This giveaway is sponsored by New Orleans Beanie Co. who makes the most adorable monogrammed accessories and jewelry. I mean helluuuur, I'm a Southern Belle. We monogram everything!

New Orleans Beanie Co. sent me the cutest chevron, circle monogrammed earrings. Everything I usually monogram is in the interlocking pattern of course, so I wanted to switch it up a little and try the circle pattern!

I absolutely love them! I love this color combo because I can mix it with pretty much anything. And my husband noticed them they first day I wore them. Huh? Men notice these types of things? I'm definitely getting more in every color and pattern imaginable. How cute would these be in LSU colors for football season?! 

New Orleans Beanie Co. is going to give one lucky winner a free pair of monogrammed earrings or necklace of their choice. Happy entering!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And let's not forget folks, it's #backthatazzup Friday

one of my all time favs. You're welcome.
Thank You Whit-naaay for reminding to get into my Fridays the right way!

she sexy, she cool
She's a Georgia Peach 
so she likes to get loose 
smoke kush, sip goose

Link up and #backthatazzup 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Today my husband and I not only celebrate our 2 year wedding anniversary, but on this day 6 years ago, we had our first kiss.

It ain't all sunshine and rainbows now. There are days I want to strangle him and I can't even stand to have him around me. But there are also days where I can't get enough of him and I can't even spend a single second away from him or I might die. No matter how old we get together, I'll always remember what it was like to be 16 and so naive, but so young and in love. We have been through thick and thin together without a doubt, but we've always done it together.

Happy Anniversary, possum.

Monday, April 8, 2013

What Nursing School has taught me so far...

As of today, I am officially 4 weeks away from finishing my first semester of Nursing School. All I have left is...

  1. Patho Exam 5 and Final Exam
  2. Assessment Exam 5 and Final Exam
  3. COPD Presentation
  4. Head to Toe Assessment
  5. Skills Exam 4 and Final Exam
  6. IV Check off
  7. Final Check off
  8. 2 Clinicals
  9. and a partridge in a pair tree
Doesn't seem like much does it? Or wait, does it? Not really, considering how far I've come in Nursing School in only 4 months. And let me just tell you what I've learned so far. 

Caffeine is what I need 99% of the time.


Sleep is very important.
Not sleeping is not absorbing.  

Celebrating small victories and accomplishments are a must
When you pass a test, celebrate.

 It's hard for a reason. You're not in your pre-requestites anymore.


Sedentary lifestyle is the cause of every disease. So, go run with your study partners and release some endorphins.


Take a day of rest.
drink some wine, eat some chocolate, put your feet up, and stop studying. 


Grey's Anatomy is an effective study tool.

I may have Friedreich's Ataxia, Tuberculosis, Restless Leg Syndrome, Hepatomegaly, or maybe I'm just a hypercondriac.
that feeling when you're reading your Pathophysiology book and it feels awfully too familiar. 


Don't talk to non nursing students about nursing school or the stress it causes.


In 8 months, I'll do this again maybe and list what a year of Nursing School has taught me. 

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