Thursday, April 25, 2013

It's OK Thursday #4

Its Ok Thursdays
It's OK...
  • that I don't like Darius Rucker's version of Wagon Wheel
  • that I don't give a crap about any other problems going on in my life right now, other than my family
  • that Rutledge and Priscilla are helping me write this (they're going to the vet after this and they will hate me) 

  • that I'm going to instruct all my future post-op patients to use their Spirometer just like you use a Hookah 

  • that I am lacking total motivation to study for my last exam and my 3 finals
  • that I dread coming home most days
  • that once I get home, I nap on the couch every day with my babies

  • that I'm not going to let anything get in my way of achieving my ambitions anymore
  • that the highlight of my week was the Backstreet Boys getting their star on the Walk of Fame #proudfangirloverhere
  • that I think Nick Carter is looking extra sexual on this special day 
  • via
  • that I'm feeling six years old right now and I still think one day I'm going to marry that man...


Another Clean Slate said...

Totally with you on not loving Darius Ruckers' version of the song. Good luck at the vet!

Anonymous said...

I hate darius ruckers version of that song too!!! a lot of stations back in my hometown wont even play it!!!

Maggie said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES THANK YOU! The only people who like Darius Rucker's version are people who don't know the OCMS version, because it clearly sucks in comparison.
I hope your lil babies still love you after the vet.

Lindsay @ Bella Cene said...

Dang those Backstreet boys got sexy! :)

Elle said...

SO with you on Darius Rucker's song..not a fan.

And I'm struggling with motivation to prep for finals too. Good luck with yours!!

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