Wednesday, October 19, 2011

the love of DIY

Robert and I have a small entry table I bought when we first moved into our apartment.  It was cheap and small, perfect for what we needed at the time.  With fall finally here I made sure I had all my decor out, but our small little entry table wasn't so great anymore. It was full of scarecrows and pumpkins, and no room for keys and sunglasses anymore.  So at the request of my husband, it was time to get a key holder. I looked around at Target and Homegoods, but couldn't find anything in his budget or my style.

It was around this time I also joined Pinterest (worst decision I ever made-seriously ADDICTED) and I noticed a few I liked in the DIY craft section.  Finally, after the last straw I had with my cute little scarecrow falling off the table, I hopped in my car and headed to AC Moore. Thanks to it's a crafty life, I was able to create the cutest key holder that met both my style and his budget :) with my 50% coupon I only spent $6.00. Yes, you read that correctly SIX BUCKS!


  • Unfinished photo frame
  • Acrylic paint
  • Mug hooks
  • Also, a picture design. I made mine on with scrapbook paper as the background picture
  1. Paint your unfinished photo frame desired color. I have a hard time finding my favorite brown, it's a dark dark brown close to espresso. So I mixed chocolate brown and black to achieve my dark brown. 
  2. While your paint is drying, create and print out your picture. Choose what moves you!
  3. Once frame has dried, pre-drill 3 holes at the bottom of your frame for the hooks
  4. Screw hooks in the holes and place in picture
  5. hang up, duh
I wish I had taken step by step pictures, but I didn't plan on doing this blog. I just got bored from studying and decided to post ;)

and here it is

I plan on doing more DIY with the holidays coming up. Most of my Christmas gifts will be personal ones I've slaved over and made :) Post soon!

Happy Crafting,

Friday, June 17, 2011

Oh, to be a kid again

I remember my childhood like it was yesterday. My older sister and I played out our tapes of the Backstreet Boys until they couldn't be played anymore. We made up dances and plastered our walls with posters, to the point you couldn't even see the white paint on the walls. We wore BSB t-shirts and devoted our lives to the music of these handsome older men. We even had our mother hooked. Every year we went to a BSB concert in Raleigh or Charlotte. My sister being 6 years older than me and me being a 90's baby, she had to introduce me to New Kids on the Block. We had the dolls, bath towels, and even the sheets. That's right, I fell asleep on Jordan Knight's every night :) It was the dream life. How could this end? As I got older, I converted to non boy bands. I still had so much love for the boy bands, but it just wasn't cool anymore. I feel so ashamed to even say that now.

Now, at 20 years old, the boy bands are back and I couldn't be happier. I feel like I'm 5 years old and my sister, mom, and I are just living the good ol' days again. Being the obsessive girl that I am, since all of the music I owend was on tapes, I bought all the albums off iTunes. And I even downloaded Nick Carter's new album "I'm taking off". 

Feeling like a kid again is an understatement. I have seriously slipped back into that state of mind where nothing matters but the love for this music and theses boys. I play it when I'm in the car, when I'm working out, when I'm in the shower, when I'm cleaning...constinuously all day long.  I'm seeing NKOTBSB in Greensboro, NC next month and I'm counting down the days! Clearly, I realize that this are GROWN men now and Nick Carter is no longer that 16 year old blonde headed boy I feel so deep in love with...

But what's wrong with reliving childhood for a summer? Nothing.

I have mixed emotions about this article.  Everyone has their opinion and they are entitled to it and I'm more than open to hearing it. But, the joining of 2 generations at 1 concert, why is this a bad thing? The people who will be going to this concert are probably moms and college students who devote their lives to their family and school work. And maybe even a few younger girls.  This concert is the highlight of our summer, it's our girls night out.  It allows us for one night to slip away from reality and back into our childhood. Regardless of what the intent of the cliche boy band is, doesn't change the fact that it was pure bliss growing up on this music. Who cares? It made me dance like I've never danced before. It brought me and my sister so close. Music can mean one thing to one person and the total opposite to another.

So, I say to you people who agree with the article, including my husband. Let me enjoy my "one night one stage once in a lifetime concert". Let me relieve my childhood and have a blast with my mom. There's nothing wrong with that.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Practice makes perfect

I continued my little savings spree back at walgreens today. And the husband tagged along! We got more gum, dish soap, and Kleenex. The second trip was planned after he used almost an entire box this morning after his lack of seeing a doctor. I even splurged a little and got more Excedrin because I had a peely, manf coupon, and WAG in ad coupon. So I got 2 bottles of 125 count for $9.98. We then went to Publix where my little savings heart was crushed. No coupons yesterday and I didn't have any useful ones except for .55 off bread. I was hoping they would double it up to a dollar..but nope. Coupon can't exceed .50 in order for it to e doubled at my Publix. I give myself a few more months and I'll be saving in the grocery store. Practice makes perfect.

Robert and I decided to go fishing at our favorite spot later. We haven't been together in awhile, so I was impressed to see how well he has got. He has his favorite worms and craw fish spray, and let me tell you this boy can hook 'em. And well, I just sit there. Cast it, reel it in, and nothing. Except a turtle. Usually, I get frustrated to the point it motivates me, but not today. I sat back and watched my husband's perfection. Practice makes perfect.

Three hours later, he was the one frustrated. No more fish were biting but they sure were jumping. I had to remind him that you don't always get everything! I even referenced my big savings at Walgreens and heart break at Publix. He got the picture :) I'm enjoying everything about marriage. Doing all these fun things together reminds me what brought us together in the first place. It doesn't matter what we do, as long as we're together.

Lastly, Happy Memorial Day. Remember them ALL, but not just today. God BLESS America and all the men and women who fight for it!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rain Check, PLEASE!

We spent the weekend in Kathleen with Robert's family to celebrate his little brother's graduation.

I usually spend my time catching up on everyone else's life on Facebook when the boys are all together, but this time I was quite productive.  While the boys played Modern Warfare I searched for great deals starting this week. Since most drug stores begin their sales on Sunday, I had a head start (or so I thought).  I got out my coupon book and began a list for Walgreens, Rite Aid, and CVS. What would my fellow co-workers think of me buying from our lead competitors...oops.

When we got home, I wasted no time.  Robert and I unpacked the truck and like lighting, we were out the door. He and Priscilla went fishing and me...I hit the stores! First stop, Walgreens.  I was upset to find that the Ritz Crackers were sold out, and so were the substitutes they provided.  They were on sale for $2.00 and you received $2.00 RR making them FREE. My plan was to use my RR towards my 2nd transaction, but I had to quickly do some math and make a new plan. After my last mishap at CVS, I've learned to write out my transactions and calculate my subtotal. If it's wrong at the register, it's all going to be wrong! Although I was upset for losing out on the Ritz freebie and not getting a rain check, I still scored free tanning lotion and aloe vera. I also lost a $1.50 coupon off Scott paper towels when they were on sale for $3.99. I still got 4 at $2.49 but darnnit I planned on 5! They were also sold out of the V8 fusion that were advertised at 2/6. I had a coupon for $1/2 so, I was able to recieve a rain check for this since that item didn't give back RR.

Rite Aid was the best.  I got Coppertone sunblock for $7.99 and recieved 2UP. I used that on my 2nd transaction along with some other great deals.  I was also very excited to find that Rite Aid has a rebate program online. The Excedrin PM that was advertised at $4.99, and I got $2 off after a store coupon and manufactor coupon, was on May's rebate list. So, the 50ct bottle of brand name pain reliever is only $1.99 after coupons and rebate. Amazing.

On my previous 2 savings trips, I saved an average of around 40%. Which was okay with me, considering I just started out. I was very, very pleased today to find that my combined savings at both Walgreens and Rite Aid was 57%. Although, the concept of us spending  money on things all at once may seem a little unusual.  Throwing things in the shopping cart  like, 3 bottles of dish soap, 24 rolls of paper towels, 6 packs of is still saving us in the long run.  We will eventually use it.  And it's stuff we use. I've yet to purchase something that is a money maker that we won't use, yet at least ;)

Not pictured *24 rolls of Scott's Natural paper towels

I guess this post was for sharing my savings today and also rebuking this article on anti-couponing. I was sort of anti-couponing at first, too.  I would get mad at the extreme people clearing the shelves before I could get one because it was actually on  my shopping list. But, the last thing I think it is is wasting time.  If you can save money on something, why wouldn't you?  If you take your time to cut coupons and search for them online, you deserve to get what you can! Yes, I'll be back to school soon, but couponing is worth every minute spent saving money on groceries and using it for our Florida trip. I'd also give props to KCL for her article for pro-couponing

So, to sum up my trip.

Rite Aid
Retail: $32.14
Spent: $15.92
Saved: $16.22 = 50% savings

Retail: $84.42
Spent: $33.72
Saved: $50.69 = 60% savings

Poor Robert didn't have such luck with fishing. But, the important thing is he had time to relax and do something he enjoyed after a long weekend away, as did I.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

not so normal couponing

So I must admit, after watching TLC's Extreme Couponing I wanted to give it a try. Why not right? Being a newlywed is no joke, any penny counts.  My mom has always couponed, so I know where to get them. Especially being employed at CVS, I should take advantage of this opportunity. So I did.

Week One of coupining and I've received, free that is:
  • 3  boxes of Nexcare band aids
  • 4 bottles of Loreal shampoo
  • 4 12 packs of Coke Zero
  • 5 2 liters
Along with  some items I paid next to nothing for:
  • 5 packs of Scott's toilet tissue
  • 2Herbal Essence hair spray & moose
  • 2 Listerene
  • 3 Vlasco Relish
And the great thing is, I've expanded my savvy savings online. I received an email from ShutterFly about FREE address labels. And let me tell you, when I see the word FREE these days I nearly jump out of my seat. So what did I have to do to get these free address labels you ask? Order something and spend at least a dollar. With Father's Day approaching, I decided to make my dad a card on shutter fly with pictures from mine and Robert's wedding. I remember I also had an email for a free 5x7 card somewhere in my inbox. So, I found my labels and made my card and proceeded to check out. I entered my promo codes and BAM subtotal is $0.00. All I paid for was shipping. 

I'm having fun with this couponing for now. Soon I'll be back in school, studying my days away preparing for nursing school. But for now, I'm enjoying the hunt for coupons and great deals. And my husband doesn't mind the savings either :)

Happy Couponing

5x7 Folded Card

Dad Collage Noir Father's Day 5x7 folded card
Shutterfly custom cards for Valentines Day, Easter & Mother's Day.
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Saturday, February 5, 2011

My first blog

I've been wanting to create a blog to just ramble for quite awhile. I think it would just feel good to enter the world of blogging sometime.  I was recently inspired to just get up and go with this thing.  I hope I am able to keep up with it. Between school studies, work, and planning a wedding, it may become less and less desirable. But, hey we can only hope, right? So here's to my first blog.

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