Saturday, May 28, 2011

not so normal couponing

So I must admit, after watching TLC's Extreme Couponing I wanted to give it a try. Why not right? Being a newlywed is no joke, any penny counts.  My mom has always couponed, so I know where to get them. Especially being employed at CVS, I should take advantage of this opportunity. So I did.

Week One of coupining and I've received, free that is:
  • 3  boxes of Nexcare band aids
  • 4 bottles of Loreal shampoo
  • 4 12 packs of Coke Zero
  • 5 2 liters
Along with  some items I paid next to nothing for:
  • 5 packs of Scott's toilet tissue
  • 2Herbal Essence hair spray & moose
  • 2 Listerene
  • 3 Vlasco Relish
And the great thing is, I've expanded my savvy savings online. I received an email from ShutterFly about FREE address labels. And let me tell you, when I see the word FREE these days I nearly jump out of my seat. So what did I have to do to get these free address labels you ask? Order something and spend at least a dollar. With Father's Day approaching, I decided to make my dad a card on shutter fly with pictures from mine and Robert's wedding. I remember I also had an email for a free 5x7 card somewhere in my inbox. So, I found my labels and made my card and proceeded to check out. I entered my promo codes and BAM subtotal is $0.00. All I paid for was shipping. 

I'm having fun with this couponing for now. Soon I'll be back in school, studying my days away preparing for nursing school. But for now, I'm enjoying the hunt for coupons and great deals. And my husband doesn't mind the savings either :)

Happy Couponing

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