Monday, April 22, 2013

I did a vlog.

and I look like an idiot. that's okay. Does anyone else wear a nice shirt and pajama pants when they vlog? haha! Whiit-naaay would be ashamed they're not yoga pants...


I'm also here to tell you what I want when I grow up...

-I want to make a difference in someone's life in my profession. Whether I stay a nurse, or go onto specialize in Neuro and become a DNP. I just want to save lives.
-I want my closet to resemble Lisa Vanderpump's
-I also want to keep shootin' em like the Pump

I want to roll around in a black Dodge Challenger and a white Range Rover

I want to be next door neighbors with Nick Carter and Lauren Kitt, since he decided to marry her and not me..I'm okay with it, cause I lurv her. 

I also want to keep doing vlogs reviewing products. hah.

That's all I've got right now. I've got to study!


confessions of an army housewife said...

I got the "love at first byte, and Big Sexy Hair Powder Play. I do the sam thing you do, put it in, rub it around and then tease it! I also got that godawful blush, and going to pair it up with Alcatraz from Narz to hopefully tone it down. Def a summery color! I also got the mica earth shadow. (:

Maggie said...

You are way too frickin' cute!! I want to do one of these bags! That is such a good price for full size products.
I am seriously going to watch this Vlog again because you are adorable and I love your new hair.
Is that creepy? I don't care haha.

Jennifer said...

i wore a nice shirt with pj pants for a skype interview! (actually for the job i'm at now.) i need to try that ipsy thing! how fun!

Hi, I'm Kayla said...

i need to sign up for this bag! your vlog is SO cute girl. i'm jelly. miss your face.

Amber said...

Need that texturizer volumizer shiz!! Ummmm you are beautiful and I love your southern accent We need to meet IRL #duh

Jessica Lynn Martin said...

Just stumbled across your blog--I love it! I love your passion for Christ. I am excited to follow all of your blogging adventures! I am new to the blogging scene, follow me at :). xoxo- Jess

Megan Vining said...

I really want to start a blog channel, but I'm super worried about it being "silly."

I have to say that I think I found my new favorite blogger! Mostly because you're from LA too! ;) My husband is from Shreveport and I'm from Alexandria, and now we are stationed in Italy with the Army.

I look forward to talking/getting to know you more!!!


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