Monday, July 1, 2013

June Ipsy Glambag Review

I didn't upload this months Ipsy Glambag review vlog.  Don't hate me.  That just means next month will be twice as good to accommodate for you missing out on my voice.  Yes Maggie, I'm talking to you :) so let's hope right into it, shall we?


This leopard bag is pretty cute, I must admit.  It brings out my sassy, not that I need anymore of that.  The neon highlighter strip and tag adds just a little wild, but not too overbearing. Considering this month's theme is "on the wild side"  Nice touch, Ipsy.  I don't hate it.

Starlooks Lip Pencil in Berry Nude
I've never tried lip liner before.  I'm a lipstick girl, so it's surprising that I haven't.  I was hoping for a pinkier color, but this one fits perfect on a natural day.  So far I've just worn it as an all over color and applied some gloss over it.  It stayed on for at least the first 4 hours of work and I reapplied more gloss after lunch.  The color isn't too noticing to have to reapply it, but I'm sure if it were brighter I would have had to.  It worked for me.

NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Tickled

NYX is one of my favorite budget minding cosmetics to purchase from Ulta monthly.  They're products are easy to use and don't bother my skin.  I usually don't have anything bad to say, but this blush...not for me.  The color is really pretty, but I don't really like the cream aspect of it. I've never been one for cream blushes anyway. I prefer powder, I feel more in control while applying the product.  With powder, you can start with a little and continue until you achieve your happy place. If you apply too much, you can just blend it with your foundation brush.  With cream however, you obviously don't have that option unless it's a "cream to powder".  I tried blending this brush out and got a brush hair stuck on my cheek.  Even applying my setting powder wasn't so successful after applying this blush.  I'll probably read up on it more and play with it before I totally toss it and give it a big fat negative.  For now, it's just not for me. 

Cailyn Cosmetics Line-Fix Gel Eyeliner in Black

Hi, my name is Ashley and I'm in love with gel eyeliner.  Boy, do I love a good gel eye liner! This particular eye liner is $21 according to their website, HOLLER BACK! My favorite gel eye liner is Fluidline by MAC Cosmetics, which I always found to be affordable at $16 and lasted me forever.  I've yet to find any brand to come close to the kind of love I have for fluidline.  I recently tried out Maybelline's Eye Studio lasting gel liner. Figured it couldn't be that bad since it was a reliable drug store brand and it was a little less than MAC. Well let's just say it's not my favorite.  But this Line-Fix I received in my glambag damn near hits the spot! I am forever grateful.  It doesn't smear at all on the bottom, can I get an amen?!   It even comes with it's own brush that fits inside the top, so it doesn't get all jacked up in my bag.  Ironically, I find the best brush to apply any gel liner is MAC's 208 angled browed brush.  Yes, I know it's a brow brush. But it's angled and that's what I like, k?  I actually haven't brought it out to use with Line-Fix. Stop impressing me now. And thank heaven I got this in black.  Some subscribers received it in purple. Purple?! Sorry bout ya! 

Chella Highlighter Pencil in Ivory Lace

So this is a highlighter pencil, you say? Funny story. As mentioned before in a previous Ipsy Glambag review vlog, I use Benefit's Perk-Up Artist for concealing, covering, and brightening under my dreadful black bagged eyes.  I've also been mingling with a sample of BareMineral's eye brightener from an Ulta online order.  I'd say eye brightening is my favorite thing I've added recently to my regime.  Anyways, back to my story.  So, I'm chilling on my couch catching up on DVR in the usual PJ's, post breakfast, at noon on my day off.  I got called into work at another store, and well I needed the hours so I didn't say no obviously.  I hopped in the shower, dry shampooed my hair, did a less than 5 min makeup application, and ran out the door.  I realized soon after I hadn't brightened my black eyes, nor did I blend my concealer well.  Luckily, my Ipsy package was still in my car unopened and I saw this sexy white crayon stick.  "A highlighter? hmmmmmm.  Let's see how it brightens!"  And well, bam! A+  I haven't even used it for it's actual intention of highlighting my brown line. I bet it works just lovely, considering it's an $18 brow highlighter.  For now, it's stashed in my bag as a brightener backup for those crazy days! When I do my weekly purse clean out, it will certainly make it's way to my cosmetic bag. 
JCat Sparkling Cream Palette
ummm, didn't you hear? I don't like cream.  And I don't like glitter on my face, either.  Don't get me wrong, I love glitter.  Just Not. On. My. Face.  I didn't get around to opening my bag until later this month, so when Kate from the Small Things Blog mentioned getting eye shadow that was too sparkly and cheap looking, my world kind of paused.  I'm no Gretchen Rossi, nor am I a Snooki. Soo, what am I to do with this glitter stuff exactly?


I'm pretty sure if I gave my face "a healthy dosage of sparkle" as you suggest here... I will probably end up looking worse than I did at 6 years old when I got some similar face glitter makeup from Santa.   

Maybe I should find my old plastic pink high heels and give it the old college try.

I said previously that I had better when it came to this month's glambag. I suppose I didn't necessarily mean that.  I was probably just bitchin'.  Other than that awful glitter arrangment, I really have no complaints.  Definitely worth the $10 I paid for the subscription, I just wish there wasn't a product I actually hated.  I don't use that hate word very often and actually mean it, but come on.  $4 full size sticky glitter crap? I would have rather had a sample or something small I'd actually use.


Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

I was pretty happy w/ this months bag too. I got Pssst dry shampoo instead of the eyeliner though. I agree about the glitter eyeshadow - looks like something I may have worn when I was a freshman in college going to the club, right along w/ body glitter. Not impressed with it at all.

Charlotte Ward said...

Lovely blog! I've nominated you for the Leibster Award for bloggers

Charlotte x

Lisa Carrieanne said...

oh dear glitter eyeshadow ey! the other stuff looks pretty good thought lucky you got the liner in black like you said!


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