Friday, March 21, 2014

I may or may not be back to blogging.

Some of my friends have described me as being shy when I first meet someone.  I don't talk to you just because you're sitting next to me, but if you approach me first I'm basically an open book.  With that being said, I typically don't talk about my faith voluntarily.  However, if someone asks me... I tell them about my God.  Last night, I saw this quote whilst  studying   procrastinating   on Pinterest and couldn't help but make my own image and share with you what it means to me. 

This hits so hard, not only as a Christian, but also as a future nurse.  As a student, you're normally blinded when you enter the clinical setting for the first time.  What you have studied and forced yourself to do step by step isn't what you actually see be done by every nurse, every time. Here in my happy, little invincible bubble, I get a little heart broken when I see not so happy things happen. I haven't lived a sheltered life at ALL. Trust me. I wasn't the teenager you wanted your kids to be around, remember ? Since, I've "grown up" I've tried to find the good in everyone and  believe that everyones tries to lives by the golden rule.  Well, my bubble was finally busted after a year of nursing school. 

I've witnessed a few things that I don't want to be necessarily associated with in the clinical setting already. As nurses, it's not our place to judge. It's our place to care for, comfort, and teach that patient. Just as it is our place as Christians to care for one another, comfort, and spread the good word. I'm not perfect by any means. Your strength is probably my struggle. It's easy to want to focus on and point out other's mistakes when we're struggling ourselves. Even if you appear to have a picture perfect life, everyone has a struggle... regardless if it's noticeable or not. It's important to remember we're people from all walks of life, and we haven't all been dealt the same hand or blessed with the same opportunities. 

We shouldn't care why or how a patient could do something destructive to themselves, just as we shouldn't judge someone for their preferences or decisions they may make. But, we can pray that they know what forgiveness is, that God will influence their mind and hearts, and that your compassion will speak volumes.  We can find out why our "frequent flyer" patient is not complying with their medication regimen with the intent to help.  We can teach them prevention, offer advice on useful tips and techniques, or simply provide resources that can better be useful for that particular patient. We can't assume every patient knows the pathophysiology, clinical manifestations, or complications that can occur with their disease.  Just because we have a medical education doesn't mean they do too.  Just as we can't assume every person knows right from wrong, or believes that there is a heaven or hell.  But we can share our testimonies, answer their questions or find someone who can, and just offer ourselves.

As important as we think we are, when it is all said and done, our opinions don't matter. But God's does. We're lucky that he loves us enough to give us a choice. Only God can decide who makes it into his kingdom, our only service is to witness to and love them as Jesus loves us. 

The struggles I've been faced with lately could knock me down and easily turn out for the worst.  But as each day goes by, I'm learning better ways to deal with them.  I think this was one of them.  I guess you can say I'm back to blogging now. 

P.S. thank you Aubrey for the font freebies 


Jayma D said...

Straight from the heart posts are always the best kinds of posts. I am completely in your boat girl and feel like I can definitely relate. I am praying for you tonight...and always remember....when we are weak, then He is strong. Hugs! :)

Anonymous said...

pretty nice blog, following :)

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