Thursday, March 21, 2013

it's OK Thursday #3

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK...

  • that my Spring Break has me a little thrown off schedule. I can't believe it's already Thursday!
  • to over flow your cereal bowl, just a little
  • to be known as your apartment's taddle tale (as an adult) when they all annoy the piss out of you 
  • to have the courtesy officer on speed dial just in case they do
  • to want to pack my husband in a box and send him to you (kidding but not kidding)
  • to decorate all of my school binders in chevron and monograms when I should be studying
  • to miss my Momma and Daddy as much as I do
  • to put myself out there and write a letter to the Dept of Nursing when I was misinformed on crap
  • to rock white legs in spring
  • to still wear jeans in spring
  • to drink black coffee when I know my stomach doesn't like it
  • to end this link up so I can get ready for class



Sara S said...

I let my cereal over flow yesterday, too busy talking to my sister or maybe my daughter. Either way, they're both being blamed, it wasn't my fault :) Definitely okay!


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Life With Lauren said...

I just keep the cereal box with me to refill it but hubby fills it to the max every time(and he uses a pasta bowl instead of a cereal bowl lol). Have a great Thursday!

viola wan said...

Weekend is coming! Enjoy yourself!


Chelsea said...

Good for your for standing up to your annoying neighbors, the nursing department, and the pressure to have tan legs! ;-)

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