Friday, March 29, 2013

my best friend and my former hips

Meet my best friend Jordan, Jay-Wall, J. Cole,  Jordo, whatever. 
We go waaaay back.

I'm talking pre-high school, pre-college, pre-husbands, pre-babies kind of way back!

Many of you may already be familiar with Jordan from the It Works Wraps give away she hosted with Amber-licious.  So, I decided to try this wrap myself and well plain and simple friends, IT WORKS! It really tightens up your skin, like seriously.

Most of my fat is stored in my hips, and if it isn't there, it's in my thighs and butt (currently being worked out though because it's #backthatazzupfriday). But really, I'm so un proportioned. Thanks, genetics! I've got a serious case of Muffin Tops, Love Handles, Newlywed Hips call them what 'ya want, but I got 'em!

After 72 hours, I lost a total of 2.5 inches 

I'm kind of  healthy. I eat right for the most part and work out periodically, more so off than on lately with nursing school, and have my bottle glass of red wine with dinner. But this just gives me the extra boost I needed to keep off those 2.5 inches. When I look at these results, I say to myself (in my Uncle Si voice, of course) "Hey Jack, quit being lazy! Don't let those muffin tops come back, Jack!" And just like that, they ain't coming back. 

You can learn more about these wraps and other products by It Works by visiting Jordan's Facebook page  or by going to her website. If you sign up as a Loyal Customer, there some pretty good perks. And I don't just mean skinny hips :) For more information on becoming a loyal customer, visit here

Dear Love Handles, see you later.


and well, I can't pretend like I'm not struttin' my stuff around my apartment right now in my silk jammies like I'm Madonna or anything. 'Cause I totally am.

Strike a pose, vogue!

Let your body moooove to the muuuusic!

p.s.  I've reached 100 followers! THANK YOU!!! Giveaway begins Monday, so stay tuned! Happy Easter!


The Unreal Life said...

Thanks for posting those pics. It's great to see a product that WORKS. I will definitely look into this.

Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

Girl you are right about school cutting into being healthy and exercising! Gosh it takes up a lot of time. I am soo with you there. I am trying to shed abt 5 lbs I put on while I was in A&P last semester.

confessions of an army housewife said...

LOVE Jordan! (:

Amber said...

Your results are amaze girl

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