Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Four Favorites: the beach

Swim Suit | Sunglasses | Flip Flops | Skin Care 

I keep It Pretty Simple, Stupid when I go to the beach.  Seriously, as long as I have on a trustworthy bikini, my faithful rainbow flops, ray-bans and spf I'm good to go! All I need! Well, perhaps maybe a towel and some brewskies, too. 

I've been working entirely too much for my own good and I'm in desperate need of some one on one time with Mr. Sunshine and my stud muffin. I obviously hate myself, considering I'm the one who volunteers to work these 14 hour shifts.  What can I say, girl's gotta shop!

Happy Hump Day,


ashlyn williams said...

i try to keep it pretty simple when i go to the beach too! love those sunnies + that suit! cute round up.

next week: florals!


Maggie said...

I need a beach/ pool day so so so so bad. Just seeing a tube of sunscreen makes me yern.

Kathleen Yawny said...

Love the sunnies! I'm a new follower and am definitely a fan of your blog - would love for you to check out mine :)

- Kathleen

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