Monday, June 10, 2013

I'm a creepy picture taker.

My weekend shenans and work. Yep, work.



Friday I worked my first ever 14 hour shift in the pharmacy.  I've been a pharmacy tech almost 4 hours now and the most I've ever pulled in one day is 12 hours.  Never have I been at the pharmacy from open to close.  And let me tell you, just 2 extra hours sure makes a difference.  I even wore my Alegria Nursing shoes, but after standing on your feet for 14 hours not much can really help. When I got off work my feet, ankles, and back were aching and the next morning, aching some more.

My husband and I usually get a couples massage every few months, but of course with nursing school you don't get much spare time.  So, we've missed out on a few massages.  Our last couples massage was in December while in St. Lucia right near the beach, so I'd say that was enough to hold us until June :)  Saturday morning we called just about every where to make a last minute appointment and the only one we could find was at JW Salon and Spa in downtown Savannah.  It was featured in South Magazine's recommended places to "play at" in Savannah.  touché, South Mag. Exactly what I need!

I'm a big atmosphere person. When I walk into a place, I can tell immediately how my experience will be just by the ambience of it.  It's not surprise I fell in love with this place because it's set in beautiful historic Savannah on York St, which is easily one of my favorite streets. More about that another time.  It's also directly across the street from Zunzi's, which you must eat at after you leave and every other day.

JW Salon and Spa on google plus
After we checked in with the receptionist, she led us up 2 flights of stairs to the spa portion to fill out some papers before we began.  I love levels.  My husband was cracking up as I gave up the thumbs up behind my back as we kept going up.  The atmosphere was just amazing. So calming, so comforting.  So amazing I couldn't put by phone down to stop snapping pictures.

Robert couldn't understand why I was so fascinated.  Surely, he thought I was taking pictures for the purpose of sharing on social media, so what big boy.  In actuality, I was just documenting what our relaxation room in our future house will look like ;)

After being mesmorized in this little waiting room, our massage therapists led us into yet another beautiful room with a fire place for our massages. Where I even got a little creepy and took pictures of the bathroom.

It was just too beautiful not to.  The vessel sink, the tile, the faucet that came directly out of the wall, even the backsplash in the shower Robert refused to let me capture. 

I must say, our massages were just as amazing as the spa was.  We will definitely be going back for more and I promise to not take as many creepy pictures. 

Sunday I worked another 8 hours to begin my 40 hour work week. But, at least I got in some relaxation on my Saturday off.  I now leave you with the most motivational thing ever.  For the best relaxer there is besides my husband, Si Robertson.  


Work hard. Nap hard. Play hard. 

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Anonymous said...

This posts makes me want a massage today! Jealous of your fancy massage experience!

Another Clean Slate said...

Wow! It might be worth flying down just to go there!

Elle said...

Sounds like you really deserve a spa day! Whenever I whip out my phone or camera and take pictures my hubs always make a sarcastic photo about social media haha. Guys just don't get it ;)

Carlee said...

One of the brilliant lessons taught by Uncle Si. haha really though! I nominated you for the Liebster award and the info is on my blog! :)

H O N E Y said...


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