Thursday, June 6, 2013

Paleo Diet #30DaysSober Week 1, Just Because

So, it's been an entire week since I told you about the Paleo Diet adventure I was to embark on, and it's been 5 days since I did so.  I'm basically just going to wrap this up in a nut shell and tell you what I think so far.

It. Freaking. Sucks. 


I think we all knew that was going to be my reaction.  Prior to June 1st, I ate a bagel every morning and I loaded that sucker with cream cheese and had water, OJ, and coffee to drink always. If I didn't eat a bagel, I would have some type of cereal, Kellog's Frosted Mini Wheats any flavor being my fav. For lunch, I usually ate fairly healthy, some kind of fruit with a turkey sandwich on a whole grain sandwich thin thingamabob. However, sometimes I would eat out but I tried to stay conscious of the fact I was eating out and I'd settle on eating a salad or a sub.  For snacks, I usually eat a fiber one bar , some plain greek yogurt with cut up fruit, or maybe a 100 calorie popcorn bag.  Dinner was always tricky.  For dinner, I would try to make the healthiest meal I could with my husband's all time must have ingredients: meat and potatoes. Of course, I would throw as many veggies I could into the mix. If I'm off work and the moment is right, I have ice cream in the evening. 

Through out the day I mostly drank water after I finished my morning coffee.  Every once in awhile I would get a taste for a Diet Coke and have one.  Although, I did a research paper a few years ago in a nutrition class on the effects of Aspartame and I've tried to avoid it at all cost. So for the most part, I always drank water. This is what I would eat 80% of the time with the exceptions of Saturday morning breakfast courtesy of the Husband, Friday evening being Pizza Night when I'm off, and Sunday is reserved for no other than Sushi Sunday.  And maybe a few bites of whatever snack my Husband is eating. 


You see, I didn't eat that bad in the first place. I probably never ate the correct proportions of absolutely anything I ate.  Actually, I never did unless it was prepackaged. Especially cereal, there's no way I would add 1/2 cup of milk.  My cereal is always drowning in milk.  Why? Because I'm a total weirdo and I slurp my milk like soup off of my spoon instead of drinking it out of the bowl like everyone else.  I like a lot of milk, okay? I also never measured my cereal to assure I was only eating 3/4 cup, which furthermore means I was having around 2 cups of 1% milk for breakfast. Along with my 1/2 cup of OJ.  That's already 33g of sugar, not even sure how many sugars are in my yummy bagel or my Chocolate mini wheats.  I've always been told you should eat the most carbohydrates in the morning, and I've always stuck to that with cereal or a whole wheat bagel. However, what I didn't realize is the other unnecessary carbs I was consuming along with my breakfast item of choice was loaded with simple carbohydrates. I mean I knew it, I just never sat down to really think about it. 

So, do you see my problem? The hard part wasn't even giving up my vino, believe it or not.  I love carbs and I love dairy.  It wasn't hard cooking the different recipes, swapping out some foods for more eggs or meat, eating more vegetables and fruit, or even replacing coffee with organic green tea. 

May or may not still cheating on Paleo with OJ?

 It was completely giving up grains, starches, greek yogurt, and my morning slurpfest with milk.  


For the most part, I've stuck to it.  One day I had a child like bitch fit and said screw it and had some of my favorite cereal with a plethora of milk. I'm sorry, self.   I think the most important thing I didn't do that I should have done was research this diet and lifestyle for a solid month. 

 I researched it for a few days after deciding I would do it, pinned some recipes on Pinterest, and dove right in.  I get the basic concept of it, but I'm still haven't mastered what to eat and what not to eat.  If you looked at my google history from the past week on any of my devices they would all be a cluster of 

 "Is _______ Paleo?" 

There are some things I do agree with about this whole Paleo thing, and there's some things I don't. But I'll just have to save that for another post.  I'm going to continue to try and eat more like a caveman for the rest of the month and I'll update every Thursday as promised.  Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for more.  Go eat some cookie dough ice cream and have a glass of Merlot tonight for me :) 


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you are doing pretty stickin well with this!!

Amanda aka Manda said...

You sound like me when I went gluten free. I thought that was hard but I'm still gluten free. I don't know if I could take the leap to going paleo though.

Liz @ Fitness Blondie said...

Good luck with continuing on Paleo... I can't do it. with my training, I have to have my carbs or my body is dunzo. But you sound like you are really putting into the effort, that is awesome girl. And I love all the Housewives pictures on this. Girl I love me some OC Housewives and I am obsessed with Kim Z. Love your blog!

The Grass Skirt Blog said...

Good luck! I am a health coach and alwsys tell my clients to watch their portions and mostly let them keep on eating what they'd like. It is amazing how warped our sense of normal portion sizes can be!

The Grass Skirt

Heather Marie said...

super interesting! it is hard too changing everything at once. I have found that doing things little by little. like having one plato meal a day... and then transition to more of a plato diet was much easier for me then just doing it all at once! but you are doing great! as hard as it is!

Anonymous said...

I did a diet fairly recently that was very similar to paleo. It is TOUGH!

Emily Owens said...

Good Job girl, i've heard a lot of good things about Paleo!! You're better than I am....I just had a cupcake for breakfast...

Em @

Lisette said...

God BLESS you for trying that! I would die.

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