Tuesday, June 25, 2013

When money talks

I hope you guys didn't forget about me.  After Father's Day weekend, I started putting some serious hours in at work.  Then came that research paper, the errands, the to-do lists, and more working.  I completely put my blogging on the back burner for a while, and I sincerely apologize.

But today, I want to tell you what said job is doing to promote more effective performance within the company.  As you may know, I work in a pharmacy and what I deal with, in my opinion, on a daily basis cannot be blogged about for my own protection. 


But in a "safe" nutshell, here's what I do:
  1. I fill around 400 prescriptions
  2. Meet the needs and comfort 300 sick and unpleasant customers

  3. Answer the phone
  4. Fix insurance rejections, fix insurance rejections, fix insurance rejections
  5. Fill your 12 prescriptions you want to wait on 
  6. Answer the phone 
  7. Wonder if you're going to make meth as I sell you this sudafed
  8. Decipher your doctor's handwriting, that clearly hasn't improved since the first grade. Sorry, I have to call him now, I can't tell if he wants you to put that in your nose or vagina
  9. Rush over to drive thru to only find that you want the Plan B
  10. Investigate the last fill on your oxycodone

  11. Answer the phone 
  12. Make unnecessary required phone calls while trying to scarf down my sandwich

  13. Last but not least, follow my company's policy for improving customer's experience to keep them coming back over other retail pharmacies with a BIG FAT smile on my face

Sorry I'm not sorry. 
As if giving me a 3% raise each year wasn't enough to keep me coming back for more, my company now has issued a program in where we collect points and earn rewards. These points are given by our immediate boss when we showing exceptional customer service.  These points add up and we are able to cash them in for rewards such as gift cards, hand bags, jewelry, etc.  Well, I basically show the best customer service like a BOSS.  So, after our store was top in the district and region, I cashed my points in for retail therapy shopping gift cards.

Yes sirreeeee! The company that pays me, is now rewarding me with some of deeeez gemz


Oh, and some yogi pants with free shipping!  I don't hate it, except for the part about taxing me the numerical value of the gift cards. thaaaanks.

In all seriousness, I love my job.  I learned so much in the past 4 years that will set me up for pure success in my career that not all nurses have had the opportunity to experience.  I take each day with a grain of salt.  Although I'm passionate about what I do, at the end of the day it's just a job. And I'm just there to get a paycheck. ya dig? 

 *disclaimer: this is my personal blog.  All opinions here are my own and do not represent my company, nor any of it's employees.  The scenario of "you" does not depict anyone in particular and was made up solely for this blog post.  The contents of this blog is intended to take as humor for the retail pharmacy workers and does not target any retail pharmacy or customer.  


Dabbling in Dixie said...

That's a pretty sweet reason to smile at crazies! Keep it up girl, hope your summer classes are going well!!

confessions of an army housewife said...

Im in Pharmacy Tech school right now!

confessions of an army housewife said...

I barrowed your disclaimer for a blog I wrote ;)

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