Wednesday, May 29, 2013

God made my favorite thing in just 2 days

If there's one simple thing I love in this beautiful life, it's seeing the sun hit a body of water. There's just a feeling of complete joy or fullness when I see this sight. Every drive home from Georgia, when I drive over South Carolina's largest lake, Lake Marion I know I'm half way home.  It's usually as the sun is rising, and on the drive back to Georgia it's when the sun is setting.  I take a picture no matter what.  I can't tell you how many pictures I've posted on Instagram of this lake, it's absolutely breath taking.   This particular landmark is a guarantee every drive on I95 and my heart is happy when I get to it.

 It's always the same bridge, the same water, the same sun...but always a different day. A different picture always results.  And I love everything about that.

Power lines when you drive North

Double bridge when you drive South

Living in the Savannah area the past few years, I've been fortunate to see my favorite site at different locations.  The Savannah River, the Ogeechee River, Tybee Island, and Dutch Island just to name a few of my favorites. 

The Ogeechee River

Dutch Island

One trip to DMV, my sister took me National Harbor and we had dinner on the pier at Mcloone's Pier House.  It was one of the most beautiful dinners I've ever had.

National Harbor 

Might I add, the Chardonnay and Jameson we're just lovely. Oh, and I had the crab cakes too. 

Another one of my favorites was the sun setting over the Caribbean Sea while Rob and I vacationed at St. Lucia this past Christmas.  I was so sad because it rained a lot at night while we were there and in the morning it was cloudy, so I worried I would never get to see it.  But, one of the last nights we were there the sun showed it's face through the clouds a little. Even though it didn't reflect off the water, it still was enough for me. 

Halcyon Beach,  Sandals St. Lucia 
La Toc, Sandals St. Lucia

But there's a couple things I know for sure about St. Lucia...

The sun is still beautiful, even through the clouds

and the water is still beautiful, even if the sun doesn't reflect off of it

Grande, Sandals St. Lucia 

Grande, Sandals St. Lucia 
Grande, Sandals St. Lucia 

I can't wait to go back someday and I can't wait to see a lifetime of sunrises and sunsets over water.  Thank you, God.


Kalyn Randolph said...

These pictures are GORGEOUS! But, bringing out the St. Lucia memories just brings depression. Can we go back ASAP on a couple trip?

Elle said...

I LOVE watching the sun reflect off water. Especially the lake. SO quiet and peaceful.
And St. Lucia looks amazing. I could really use another vacation :)

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