Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ipsy May Glam Bag Vlog Review

It's Random Wednesday, and well how other random can it get when I set up to do this video with my coffee in arms reach I realized how much I look like an anchor woman.  Perhaps, a Kelly Ripa in the making?

Just kidding.

So here ya go bishes. Enjoy :) 

P.S. Another random for you. 
I'm thinking about doing a special Q&A post soon. 


Dabbling in Dixie said...

Love your hair!! Hottie Tottie!

Katelyn said...

I'm loving the ipsy this month- I put in an order for my very first one a couple of days ago and I can't wait for it to get here! This months product selection was just too good I couldn't resist!

Maggie said...

You are just too damn cute. I re watched the part where you said 'I don't hate it' because it was just way too funny.
I need to start doing these bags! That nail polish and the hair serum look amazing!

Shelby @ Stay Crafty My Friends said...

Okay so 1. When I first saw that first picture I immediately thought you looked like an anchor woman.
2. Your hair and make up looks so cute!!
3. Love the nail polish.
4. Loving your blog!! So glad I found it!

Lifes Better Being Southern said...

I just want you to know that I LOVE reading your blog! 2nd your hair looks absolutely amazing! And 3rd, I just got my first birch box yesterday but now I'm so jealous of your ipsy bag! I cant believe they give you full size products!! Now I'm going to have to sign up for that one too!!

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