Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Travel Tuesday: Washington D.C.

Helene in Between 

If there is one thing you should know about me, it's I love 'merrrica. Anything involving the history of this great land of ours, I'm all over.  I love living in Savannah, but I love visiting Washington D.C. and Virginia more.  It may be due to the fact that my Sister and sweet little nephew live there, but whatever the case, I muddafreaking love it and cry like a baby when I leave.

Even though I've visited D.C about 1,457 times, I still act like a tourist absolutely every time. If you're a huge U.S. History nerd like me, or just want to visit the capital of this great country, then D.C. is a must! I'm sorry, if you are even an American, D.C. IS A MUST!

What to do in Washington D.C.

1. Tour the Capital Building

2. Tour Ford's Theatre 

3. Visit Arlington National Cemetery

4. Visit Honest Abe's Memorial 

5. Take as many photo ops at the reflection pool 

6. Visit every Smithsonian Museum. Every. One.  

7. Visit WW II Memorial 

8. Get you some D.C. Cupcakes at Georgetown Cupcakes

9. Eat a D.C. sidewalk hotdog (and make sure it's from the sketchiest food truck because they are the best) 

10. Take as many ridiculous pictures of monuments you want!

Happy Mother's Day, Momma!

11. Fall in love with the little simplicity of the city 

Have you been to Washington D.C.?  What's your favorite part? 


Maggie said...

WAAHHHH!!! Now I need to go to DC again. I think I have been there at least 20 times, BUT I NEED MORE! Especially the Smithsonian's and the sidewalk hot dogs. Next time you go (or when we go together ;) ) you need to go to Jazz in the park and drink their amazing pitchers of Sangria. BEST.

Amanda aka Manda said...

Such a fun post! I've been to DC a few times! I love it there too! I love all the monuments!

Laura Side Street said...

Oh wow you managed to cram so much into your trip - I have been to DC when I was a child but would love to go back and these photos really inspired me to do that. Just popping over from the Travel Tuesday linky

Laura x

A Country Girls World said...

I have been to DC more time than I can count and I never get bored! Love your list, I think you covered all of the best spots :)

Morgan Neal said...

Love DC! Need to go back soon! We have so many friends at Walter Reed!

Helene said...

I haven't been to DC in sooo long but I would love to go back!

Another Clean Slate said...

Love DC- SO much to explore there!

Ashley said...

I've been many times...but not for years. I want to take a trip this summer. Can you believe that I've never been to Georgetown cupcakes?!

emi said...

okay i am obsessed with this! we must be kindred spirits, because i also adore DC! i lived there for a summer and still miss it. i am a new lover of your blog! i did a similar DC guide here! XO

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