Friday, May 3, 2013

I'm alive!

I told you guys I would apologize in advance for being MIA during finals, you didn't think I was joking did you? But of course, I'm here for #backthatazzup Friday duuuuuh.

2 finals down and 1 more on Monday, then SUMMER BREAK! Full of concerts, full of "catch up with friends and family" time, full of blog posts, and catching up reading my favorites!

I hope I haven't lost anyone's attention, so for #backthatazzup Friday I'm going to leave you with a reaaaal good classic jam to keep you coming back.



Lifes Better Being Southern said...

I would give my right arm for that Watermelon martini right now! Good luck with your last final!

Elizabeth Robinson said...

I love that picture... sums up studying these days. Its all swirling together. Gahhhh.

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