Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday, I really wanted you!

Mondays we usually hate, right? But today, that wasn't the case.  I enjoyed my last two weeks of amazing obviously.  Nappin', Netflixin', DCin', sippin', and just jumping off some docks with my main few.

And if you know me, I can't relax for long.  I'm so go go go! Today marked starting back to school for my summer semester. Although, for now it's just an online class...I was still ready to go! The weird thing about me is as much as I complain about being in over my head, having to study day in and day out, never catching a break, etc. In over my head is just where I want to be. I love school. I crave the structure and organization. It's the one thing in my life I, without a doubt, control.

I logged in and started doing all the first day stuff, printed my syllabus and started writing assignemnets in my planner, created a little organized binder week by week. Then, I click on my first assignment and...

I tried every possible thing that I could do as a slight closet computer 'masterer'. Check configuration, change browsers, delete cookies and caches. I triiiiied, but I had to end up calling tech services on campus.  After I explained I did all of those said things you usually tell a woman when she calls about something not working, the phone call ended with "I'm going to have to put in a request for IT to take a look at this case, ma'am.." Oh thaaaaank you, young man!

This is probably a good time for me to step back and reflect for a Motivational Monday. Something is actually out of my control, school related.  It's probably important to remember this with everything too, not just school. 

See the good in everything. 


You can't control everything, Ashley.
Not even the alignment or placement of that text. 


Priorities & Time Management 
even when things become out of your control

When YOU can't change it, change how YOU look at it. 

Most importantly, 

remember what you love.


Amber said...

I had similar things happen while I was in school. It never failed it was right before the time it was due online. Unfortunately, those things happen when we absolutely do not need them to. I just love all of those quotes you added. Thank you for linking up with me. I just love seeing inspirational messages from other bloggers.

Anonymous said...

I give you props for taking online classes. I did that when we first got married and I had so much homework that me shane my mom and dad ended up doing some just to keep me a float.. I said NEVER again lol

Dabbling in Dixie said...

Great quotes! our online system went down for 48 hours once and it almost killed me... tis the problem with technology.

Kristen said...

I love all these pictures! So cute! & I usually take all online classes & something like that will always come up. SO annoying! Hopefully you don't have to deal with too many technology problems for this class! On the plus side, I'm loving your school accessories! ha

Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

I hope your problem gets worked out soon!! I am so right there w/ you....since I work for the university I attend, I get to deal w/ registration issues, etc., on BOTH sides, ha!

Pattie Fore said...

So funny that you say you love school, I do too, for the exact same reasons! People always look army funny!! Great post girl and great motivational quotes! xoxo

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