Thursday, February 28, 2013

Actin' kinda shady, ain't callin' me baby...

So, today's (I forgot yesterday) link up is Say my Name, and well DUH I got the song in my head! I'll disclose how young I am..middle school when this song came out. middle school people. And I'm walking around saying say my name. haha

The reason behind my blog name...basically it's the first three letters from each of my names.
 Ashley Ann Powers. A friend of mine gave it to me my freshman year of high school and it's just always stuck. I use this name for everything! All usernames, Twitter, oh except IG unfortunately, someone else obviously has the same ashannpow name :( So I have to use ashapow. When I decided to start blogging I didn't know what I wanted to blog about in particular, I just wanted to write. Let's be honest, I'm a very opinionated person about everything. So when I chose my blog name, I just chose my nickname so I could blog about everything!

What's the story behind your blog name? Link up and share!

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