Friday, February 15, 2013

Luck of the Irish

Valentine's is over. So, what's next? You guessed it...


I live in Savannah, Ga and around here, St. Patrick's day is kind of a big deal. And I take pride in having some Irish blood! Last year was my first year going out into the mania.  It was so much fun. And this year, my Momma and Daddy are coming back for the fun and we're dragging my husband downtown in green!

Let me just show you how we do it in Savannah.

We spray paint beards

We drink green beer

We tailgate in squares
We soak gummy bears in vodka

And our outfits are serious. 

This year, I'm going a little simple chic for my outfit. And I'm going BLONDE (those pictures make me miss my dark hair)

Pants Old Navy
Blouse Old Navy

We're on a budget, so I think it's awesome I got such a steal on both items. I just wish my legs looked that great in those jeans. Depending on the weather, I'm either going to wear gladiator sandals or cowboy boots. I'm not sure if I want to add browns/gold jewelry? Or green? Thoughts?

This year I'm also "celebrating" different. This year I'm in nursing school. This year I have an exam Monday. This year I need my last day of Spring Break for studying, not recovering. 

What do you do for St. Patrick's Day?



Kym said...

Such a fun reason to dress up!

My family and I always run a 5k kilt's a family tradition :)

Jenny Beth said...


Elle Sees said...

i love the painted beards!!! i have those pants and love them!

Anonymous said...

So fun! love the outfit.

Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

As much as I love Savannah (and I only live about two hours away), I've never been to St. Pats there! I really need to change this! I love the dark hair btw.

siddathornton said...

st. patty's in savannah looks like so much fun! my husband & i are going to have to spend it there one year, & hopefully soon! i have always wanted to visit savannah.

Rocio MB said...

Me encanta tu estilo y tu blog!! te sigo para quedarme y ver más entradas tuyas!! te animo tambien a que visites mi blog y me sigas si te gusta!!

besos y gracias!

Anonymous said...

Gold!!! Wish we could drive down and spend the day with ya'll, this sounds like an awesome time!! SOO jealous!!!

Maria Sself said...

OMG, I wanna be Georgia for St, Patrick's, you guys know how to have fun;-) I mean really? Spray painting beards and drinking green beer? Yes, please! And I think you look gorgeous both - with blonde and dark hair;-)

Chelsea said...

I was browsing your blog tonight after seeing the comment you left for me and noticed my sorority sister! I adore Mary!! :-) Looks like St. Patrick's Day really is a big deal there! Maybe one day we'll make it down there for it. We've been twice but it's been in January! Brrrrr! :-)

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